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Which Version of Photo Scenery do you have?

A brief history of VFR Scenery produced by Horizon Simulations, Playhorizon and Playsims..

Version 1 of Volumes 1-3 England and Wales was produced and marketed by Horizon Simulations. It was identifiable  by requiring a serial number to complete installation. Version 1 was  made using the original pre-sales FSX-SDK from Microsoft. With the  advent of Service Packs 1, 2, Acceleration and Gold, Version One no  longer functioned correctly and was replaced by Version 2 of Volumes  1-3. Original registered users of Version 1 were sold at nominal cost  Version 2. That offer was valid for a full year after Version 2 went on  sale. It no longer applies.

Please note that support for Version 1 discs is no longer available.  I have no access to any patches made for Version 1 discs and they are no longer available from the developer.

Version 2 of Volumes 1-3 was produced and marketed by Horizon Simulations. During the life of  the product a small number of anomalies were identified whereby 'spikes' would suddenly appear as the user aircraft passed a certain  co-ordinate. If the user had crash detection switched on then a 'crash'  would occur. These spikes were stopped by the issue of small 'patch'  files, to be placed in a 'live' scenery library higher in order than the actual scenery. Version 2, Volume 3 was found to have a rectangular  patch of water South of Manchester Airport. This required a new photo  tile which was issued with Version 3.

Version 3 of Volumes 1-3 was produced by Horizon Simulations and Playhorizon,(part of the  Flightstore Group). Horizon Simulations had said at the outset of  Version 2 that they would issue free extra 3D scenery/buildings and  bridges to those moving from Version 1 to Version 2. With the release of  these Volumes the extra 3D was included together with a number of High  Resolution inserts of major towns and cities. Existing Registered  Version 2 users were offered a nominal cost set of upgrade discs. This  upgrade path was offered until sales of Version 2 were expended.

Version 3 Volumes 1-3 are the current release of Photo Scenery for England and Wales. Since  release only one 'spike' has been found and reported. Interestingly it  was in a 'No Fly' area reserved for military use. It existed in previous Volumes but had not been found. Users of this scenery obviously stick  to open sky as do real pilots. A patch is available for this spike which works in Versions 2 and 3.

Volume 4 - Scotland: The Western Isles. Produced by Horizon Simulations and Playhorizon. This was the first  Volume produced using 60cm base imagery. For the first time the Volume  also included correctly aligned and terrain blended default airfields.  There have been no anomalies found in this Volume and no patches issued.

Volume 5 - Scotland: Orkney & Shetland Isles. Produced by Horizon Simulations and Playsims, (previously Playhorizon). This scenery was issued with 60cm base photo imagery and corrected  airfield. Some of the original release discs were found in certain  circumstances to terminate installation missing out two files which  corrected a height anomaly at North Ronaldsay and Scatsa. These two  files have been made available as a patch. No other anomalies have been  identified.

Volume 6 - Scotland: North. Developed by Playsims and Produced by Horizon Simulations. Issued with  60cm base photo imagery, aligned and blended terrain default airfields.  No anomalies have been reported with this scenery since its release.

Volume 7 - Scotland: Central. Developed by Flightstore and Produced by Horizon Simulations. The  newest release in the series. 60cm photo scenery, 5m terrain mesh,  aligned and blended default airfields. It has been the longest scenery  in production due to the difficulty in obtaining full photo coverage of  the area. To achieve what has been done has meant many hours of  stitching images, colour balancing within seasons and in some cases  across the years. A problem with a section of terrain mesh was  discovered after the product went to print. A patch is available to  correct the problem.

Volume 8 - Scotland: South. Developed by Playsims and Produced by Horizon Simulations. 60cm photo  scenery, 5m terrain mesh, aligned and blended default airfields. This is the Volume that handles the transition from the 1.2m photo scenery of  England and Wales to the High Resolution 60cm Scotland.
The installer is designed to differentiate between those having England Volume 3 and  those who do not in a 'standard configuration'. Different masking is  required depending on other scenery default/photo. If you don't have a  'standard' configuration a set of manual install files are available on  the root of disc 1.
Unusually two photo tiles in this volume seem to  cause aircraft crashes though if you don't fly over them they appear  perfectly normal scenery. Replacement photo tiles are available to patch this problem. Another small terrain anomaly has also been identified  and has been patched. Total patches for this volume = 3.

Volume 9 - Ireland: East. Developed by Playsims and Produced by Horizon Simulations. This 1.2m  photo scenery is married with a 10m terrain mesh. Also included are  aligned and blended default airfields. Presently there are no know  anomalies in this scenery.

Volume 10 - Ireland: West. Developed by Playsims and Produced by Horizon Simulations. This 1.2m  photo scenery is married with a 10m terrain mesh. Also included are  aligned and blended default airfields. Following initial release it was  found that a corrupt file had been introduced covering the area of the  Innish Islands. A patch has been produced which corrects this.

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