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Important Must Have File

Most users of FSX are aware that it is not a perfect product despite the hard work of those dedicated people who worked for Aces Studios who created it.

Way back in November 2006 two guys, Richard Ludowise (rhumbaflappy) and  Luis Feliz-Tirado took a look at one particular file, the terrain.cfg file and found that they could correct some of the faults in FSX by adjusting this file's contents. The file is a 'simple' text file.

They used as an example the fact that the River Thames both in default and  with Photo scenery active had rocks showing in the middle of the river  at various places. By correcting errors in the the code they were able  to stop the river climbing out of its bed and remove the rocks. Errors  throughout the FSX World were corrected.

Other corrections made the file much more powerful and highly useful to developers of scenery.

If you don't have this updated file installed then you should get it straight away. It is available from: -   Search for:

The package contains install instructions which are very simple to follow.

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