Jersey Photo Scenery
NOT compatable with UK2000 Jersey
Master Download Jersey Version 2

Photo Tiles: Tony Meredith / Kevin Firth.   AGN Trees: Charles Dodman
Airport, Castles and other 3D content: Ted Andrews & Tony Meredith

Updates to the ‘Jersey Project’ will be available here

Updates are cumulative you must add all in date order as shown below.

Update Date

Scenery Package

Texture Package

Effects Package

































Download the Master Scenery Pack at top of page if you haven’t already done so - New Version 18/01/2017.

Download Scenery and Texture packs  plus Effects (if included) if dated later than Master Pack. Please note Master Packs alone may contain work in progress. This is not a fault, this is a live project.

If available unzip the Scenery pack and move the contents to Jersey/Scenery. You will be asked to overwrite the existing files. Select YES.

If available unzip the texture files and place in Jersey/Texture, overwriting as required.

If included in an update unzip the Effect file(s) and place in your Flight Simulator\Effects folder. Again overwrite if requested. If using P3Dv3 with SDK suggested ‘sandbox’ follow SDK instructions.

Restart your flight simulator for the new files to be registered in sim.


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