FSX Patches

FSX Photo Scenery Patches

These are the Patches presently available for the 10 Volumes of VFR Photographic Scenery Generation X

To activate these files please create a Folder with a name of your  choosing and then make a sub-folder called Scenery. Place the patch  files into the new Scenery folder and make it active in the FSX Scenery  Library. Please keep this folder Higher in the Library listing that the  Photo-scenery to which it applies. All patches can be placed together.

Version 2 of Volumes 1 - 3 ONLY

The file was originally called cvxSOUTHENDneedle.bgl
If you have this file please delete it to avoid duplication, the new file name will remain constant.

Issue Date: 18/06/2010

Co-ordinates of anomalies dealt with by this patch: -
Plymouth Harbour - N50 20.23 W4 7.83
Southend - N51 26.54 E 0 46.19
Metton - N52 53.48 E 1 15.62
Sealand - N53 14.41 W3 2.62
Kielder Water Landmass Removed.
Northampton - N52 17.04 W0 34.28



Hawarden Patch.
Scenery spike near Hawarden.

Lundy Island - Climbing Water Correction
This patch removes several spikes from the island and removes the climbing sea to one side of the island.



Avon Gorge.
Flattens the roadway through the gorge whilst dropping the river into the bottom of the gorge.
Includes some static vehicles and two ships. The AGN tree pack enhances the sides of the Gorge and surrounding area


Version 2 and Version 3: Volume 1-3

Hatfield Airport Exclude
The included files remove the disused Hatfield airfield from the scenery  and reset the terrain to follow whatever terrain mesh you are using.

Please note This will not remove Hatfield from the list of available airfields. To  achieve that would require modification of a master FSX file which is  not recommended nor approved by Microsoft.


Version 2 and Version 3: Volume 3/8 join
If you wish to do a  manual install of Volume 8 Scotland South when Volume 3 England North is already installed then you need to remove a total of 28 scenery files  from Volume 3. This is because the files are duplicated in Volume 8 in  an attempt to blend the border area between
1.2/2.4m resolution (England) and the 0.6m resolution of Scotland.
Download and place this BAT file in your Volume 3 Area 1 Scenery folder and run it. The files needing to be moved will be moved to a Backup folder in the same folder structure.
Details of other files needing to be renamed and the reasons why are included in a text file.
These are the instructions on how to fix the problem at Silloth:

Llandeilor Fan Patch.
This patch fixes a spike area in the region of the Brecon Beacons.



Version 3: Volume 3
These patches fix a pair of white triangles on the North shore of the River  Mersey, a white patch on the South Bank and a mismatch between the 2.4  and 0.6 layers around Stalybridge (Garston Dock). The patch is 380MB in  size so may take some time to download. It replaces an earlier patch  that only addressed the white triangles. You will need to overwrite the  original files with those included making sure you place the correct  resolution files in the appropriate folder

Please copy the link to your browser to download this file.

Volume 5 Orkney & Shetland Isles

If you have encountered Install problems with the original Installer  included on the discs then you may be missing two files, EGEN_North  Ronaldsay_ALT.bgl and EGPM_Scatsa_ALT.bgl from your  Scenery\World\Scenery folder.

This can occur if the Install  terminates before completion or when Task Manager is used to trap a  rogue unistall due to a reported failure.

Installing these two  file will correct the heights of the respective airfields so they appear blended correctly to the Photo Scenery. The files can also be accessed  directly from the discs if you are skilled enough to open the CAB files, (7 Zip will achieve this).


Volume 7: Central Scotland

Terrain mesh problem
Post production an error was found in a section of the terrain mask. To fix it please download this file: Anomaly_Fix_DTM_Vol_7.bat
Please place the file in your Volume 7, 5mDTM\Scenery folder. Once there 'Run' the file. This will create a new folder called "Removed" and transfer  the faulty files from the scenery folder into it. No other action is  needed and your scenery will work as it should.
Please note that if you have the scenery in a folder controlled by the operating system, (program Files (x86) )this file may be prevented from working. If this occurs  simply open the file using notepad to see a list of the files you need  to move manually.
Alternate Hydropoly
Almost at the end of the install process you are asked if you have Volume 6/8  installed. The reply to this question determines which Hydropoly file is installed.
The question does not allow for having only one of these  other Volumes. It assumes in coding that either both or neither are  present. In consequence if only one other Volume is installed you can  get excess water displayed in the default scenery area.
To fix this  without the need to rerun the Installer the alternate files are here.  Should the missing volume be purchased at a later time then you should  revert to your 'original' set. Failure to do so can cause some default  land anomalies to appear on the East Coast.
Please remove/rename  VFRGX_V7_CVX_Hydro.bgl & VFRGX_V7_CVXExcludes.bgl from the Volume 7  Vectors folder and replace with those downloaded.


Volume 8: South Scotland

Craigleith Patch
An error occurred in final compilation of the Hydropoly Excludes which  meant that the Island of Craigleith was to a greater extent flattened.  This patch resolves the problem.



Photo Scenery Tile Errors
Some but not all customers may find that by flying in proximity to Photo  tiles, 12_1492_385_05mP.bgl and 12_1501_391_05mP.bgl they experience a  'crash' if crash detection is turned on.

Two new files are available which need to replace the existing tiles in the "05mPhoto" Scenery folder. Do not add these files to your patch folder.

Please note: These are large files and may, depending on your connection speed, take a few minutes to download.
To download copy the link to your browser.



Mull of Galloway Water over Land
Following release it was found that a small tile covering the Mull of Galloway  had been corrupted resulting in water covering the Mull.

Please replace the existing file with this one. Copy the link to your browser to download.


Volume 10: Ireland West

Innish Islands Patch
A number of users have found problems with the blending files associated  with the Innish Island airfields. Please replace the existing files  relating to the airfields with those in this download. Do not place in  your patch folder.



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