Blending Files

Blending FS9 Airfields

If you have read the FSX section you will see reference to "Blending" airfields and the fact  that using photo scenery can cause airfields to appear to be on a cliff  or in a canyon or even a mixture of both.

Whilst the problem is more pronounced in FSX it can still occur in FS9 because the use of detailed photo terrain makes it stand out.

You may have read elsewhere people saying that unlike FSX, FS9 can't be blended. These folks remind me of the people who used to  say, "Man can't fly". That may literally be true but our hobby shows  'man' found a way around the problem.

Some time ago one of the unsung heroes of Flight Simulation, Jon Masterson of Scruffyduck Software™ made his freeware, 'Airport Design Editor' capable of handling multiple FS9 height adjustments. A little trial and error then produced a blend file for Cork Airport, Ireland.

The  process takes more time to complete that the equivalent FSX blend but as you can see below, in flight, the results are acceptable.

If you have Volume 10: Ireland West installed you can obtain the blend file from here.

Simply place the file in your FS9 Scenery\World\Scenery folder and restart  FS9. The file is also designed to work with Eiresim's "Cork Ultimate".




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