Compton Abbas Airfield - EGHA
Completed and released on 22/12/2011, originally via the Earth Simulations web site as “Charityware”. A fee of 5.00p as a donation to the charity Help 4 Heroes was requested though it was offered for free to those who declined the donation. During its release on ES it has raised a lot of money for the Charity and I am not aware of anyone declining the donation. With the demise of ES I no longer have the facility to collect donations so the complete airfield is now offered for free. If you take it please give your own donation to Help 4 Heroes. Thank you.
Original Photography by Howard J Curtis

Compton Abbas
Compton Abbas Control
Compton Abbas



EGLA Bodmin.
A completely self contained model of this Cornish Airfield. The real  airfield is on two levels, runways above, Fuel station Helipad and  Hangars down some quite steep sloping ground. As FSX won’t allow an  airfield to be constructed in this manner the Runways/Parking is  available in sim as EGLA. The Helipad and Fuel stop are available as  XBOD.
For those who wish to collect fuel care should be taken as the  slopes are a little uneven and the buildings have crash detection  enabled. Transition is possible and has been completed without incident  by the author on a number of occasions.

Download Bodmin



EGNY Beverley - Linley Hill
A completely self contained model of the Hull Aero Club, Leven, East  Yorkshire. This airfield is not licensed for Public Transport but is  happy to accept Microlights, Helicopters, Single and Twin  aircraft.
There is a bird Sanctuary 1.5nm NW of the airfield so birds are included. The field has parking for those who wish to introduce AI and also a Fuel  parking point.

Linley Hill
Download Linley Hill



X7AM Abergavenny
A completely self contained model of Abergavenny Airfield, home to  Pioneer Avionics and Pioneer Aircraft. The 486m grass strip is lined to  one side by mature trees and to the other by steadily climbing hillside.
Limited AI parking is included and mind the birds on approach.

Download Abergavenny



Isle of Man - Bungalow Helipad
This is a scenery upgrade designed to work with Earth Simulations version of the Isle of Man. The files add the TT Motorcycle Race Museum, Bungalow and the nearby footbridge, associated nearby buildings  together with accurate Radio masts and buildings atop Snaefell and  finally the Sumit Cafe and tram stop.

Bungalow, I.O.M.



Lang Ness, Scarlett Point, Chicken Rock Light and the Lighthouses of the Calf of Man Isle of Man
This is a fully self contained scenery for the Lang Ness and Scarlett Point (East) area of the Isle of Man.
Designed to work with Photo scenery, it includes Hotel, Golf Club Buildings and  Barns, Ruins of the fort and St Mary’s Church, Langness Lighhouse and  Fog Horn and the Herring Tower to name just some of the items. Scarlett  Point has items from the old RAF Chain Home Radar Station together with  farm buildings, housing and the Manx Amateur Radio watch tower.

Download Lang Ness



KSEZ Sedona, Arizona, USA
Opened in 1952 by two commercial charter pilots Ray Steele and Joe Moser, the  airport originally had a 3,700ft runway This was extended to 5,130ft in 1968 and in 2006 the runway was widened to 100ft. Due to its location  there is no chance of further runway extension. Go fly it and you will  see why! Designed to work with Freeware BlueSky Photo Scenery.

Sedona - Link to BlueSky
Download Sedona



KGEY South Big Horn, Wyoming, USA
With a new 7000ft runway, no landing fees and free tie down this is an airfield to visit if your in the area.

Home to a large aircraft museum you will see numerous aircraft from the late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s around the place.

All building models included in this download are my own work. Static  aircraft are created from flyable models by a number of freeware model  makers. Details of where you can get the “working” aircraft and authors  is included in the readme. A few default items are also called.
Designed to work with Freeware BlueSky Photo Scenery.

South Big Horn - Link to BlueSky
Download South Big Horn



Guernsey airport is having major work  done to expand the number and types of aircraft it can handle. This has  required major works to extend the runway and expand sections of the  apron. Where aircraft used to ‘rotate’ on the apron in order to drive  out they now park nose it and use a pushback service.
These new files reflect the real world changes with some Earth Simulations files having been  modified to remove buildings demolished during the expansion.

Please note there is no Installer. You will need to follow the included instructions to complete the upgrade.

If you have obtained a license from Earth Simulations to use the product in Prepar3d please not the following.

1. This free upgrade is only licensed for use in the Academic Version. You will need to purchase a license for any other version of Prepar3d..  Licensing for this product is not connected in any way with Earth  Simulations

2. If you are porting the ES product from FSX to Prepar3d without doing a re-install you need to copy an airport height  file from  FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery to Prepar3d\Scenery\World\Scenery.

Guernsey Upgrade v2



X3RN Rednall - A compete scenery of the old RAF Rednall, Shropshire, which now has a single gravel runway fenced from adjoining farmland. The old Control Tower remains awaiting a ‘Grand Designs’ makeover. Many of the other buildings have been converted for industrial use and these have been reproduced based on available information.
The nearby village of Haughten has also been included with all the houses individually modeled together with the village church. The scenery is blended to fit in with GenX Photo Scenery and Earth Simulations Shawbury Fields.

Please note. If you have UK2000 Airfields installed you will need to disable their version using the included software. Be aware in the case of Rednall it does not always remove all the UK2000 files and you may have to disable some manually. If you decide not to bother then your missing out.

Rednall & Haughton Village
Download RAF Rednall


Loch Lomond AI seaplanes.
Routed between Glasgow, Oban, Loch Lomond and Tobormoray  you have a custom  textured (default FSX) Beaver and a fully custom made Caravan. The  latter is the work of Ted Andrews and both enjoy a custom FX wake by Mr  Holgar Sandmann. Holgar also wrote the guide I used to get these  aircraft to function.
If you have MyTrafficX you  should disable the included matched runways and use those from this package.  Users of Scotflight 2.3 and above already have the runways in your download. Users of 2.4 and above also have a flight from Oban to Eilean Donan Castle.

Loch Lomand Float Planes
Download Loch Lomond Float Planes


EGBJ Gloucestershire Airport
This project has all buildings on the airfield and many adjacent to it. There is also a major structure on approach but you will need to name it for yourself.

Ted Andrews and I intend to return and add many more buildings to this site and also ‘flesh out’ the aero museum which presently has a Meteor on external show thanks to A F Scrubb.

Meteor outside Museum
Download Gloucestershire Airport





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