Ted Andrews - Helicopter Museum, Weston-Super-Mare
A complete remake of the museum and its external exhibits. Includes the  active Helipad and surrounding area blended to work with Horizon Photo  Scenery. This model will work with FSX and Prepar3d versions 1 and 2.
Please note the old active fixed wing runway now forms part of a new dual  carriageway road. This is reflected in this model. Please do not use  with any other version of Weston as you will encounter problems.

Weston Super Mare



Ted Andrews - RAF Collection
Ted has been kind enough over many years to make numerous freeware models  for our hobby. Probably the most famous of these are his RAF Buildings,  which encompass the majority of the standard designs introduced to the  RAF the 1930’s and 40’s.
If you are looking for Hangars, Control Towers, Parachute Buildings or the Regimental HQ it is probably included in Ted’s work.
I have added in a few custom models he has made for my own work including fencing sections and engine test facilities.
The models are supplied in two files, 1. Models, 2. Textures.

Teds RAF Collection

Teds Models Models     Teds Textures Textures



Milford Haven & Immingham for FSX
The work of Ted Andrews this scenery is an expansion pack for Milford Haven and Immingham. This adds the jetties and some shipping, both static and AI to these two refineries. Details of sailing times included with the  readme pdf file.

Milford Haven
Download Docks



UK Refineries for FSX
The work of Ted Andrews and Gerry Winskill. If you don’t have this scenery  installed you are missing out on some superb modeling and several  effects including smoking chimneys, steam and burn off stacks.

Humber Refineries
UK Refineries



AI Seaplanes.
A custom  textured (default FSX) Beaver and a fully custom made Caravan. Both enjoy a custom FX wake by Mr  Holgar Sandmann.
This pack includes traffic routed between Glasgow, Oban, Loch Lomond and Tobormoray based on GenX Photo Scenery. You can of course make your own routes for these aircraft to fly along.  Just remember you need a concrete runway of zero width. Its an FSX problem that they won’t play nicely with water runways.

AI Float Planes
Download AI Float Planes







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