Darren Vincent

Isle of White complete scenery
This package was originally made by Darren Vincent and the VFR Addons Team for use in FS9. In 2013 Darren started updating some of the models for use in FSX. The airfields and shipping were updated to FSX specification by Tony Meredith who also added small elements with Darren’s approval.
For licencing requirements in respect of commercial use please see the EULA included with the download. The original files were released via www.vfraddons.co.uk and www.visulaflight.co.uk

Bembridge - Download IOW
Pier - Download IOW

Sandown - Download IOW



Joderal Bank Radio Telescope
Released originally via Earth Simulations Ltd, this freeware model of the world famous telescope is clearly visible on most days to aircraft landing and taking of from Manchester Ringway Airport.

Joderal Bank Telescope
Download Joderal Bank



Emley Moor TV Mast
At 328m tall it is the tallest free standing structure in the UK, (1084ft in old money)

Emley Moor TV Mast
Download Emily Moor TV Mast



Wolf Rock & Longships Lighthouses
Released to compliment the Scilly Isles Scenery released by Earth Simulations.

WolfRock Lighthouse
Download Wold Rock Longships Lighthouse



Angel of the North
20m (65ft tall) with a wing span bigger than a Boeing 767. Believed to be the biggest sculpture in the world of an Angel, Each wing weighs 50 tonnes.

Angel of the North
Download Angel of the North


Alderney Fort.
Made for Earth Simulations by Neil this model complements the ES release of Alderney in the Channel Islands

Download Alderney Fort


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