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How to install to non internet connected pc with ESInstaller

ESI should be installed onto both your connected and non connected PC's.

  1. On your internet connected PC start ESI and log-in to your account so that all your  downloadable  purchases are unlocked.
  2. In settings ensure that the ESI- Packs Tab has the  "Write To" path  location set to where you would like your files to be written. By  default the path set is :\Earth Simulations\ESI-packs but you can change this to any location of your choice such as a DVD drive or USB pen  drive so the files are ready for transfer to the non connected PC once  downloaded.
  3. In the library tab select in turn each product you wish to download and transfer.
  4. For each scenery that you want to move select "Mark for Install" so that it shows in the selected product list at the top right of the ES  interface. When you are happy  that all required products have been  selected choose the option to "Create ESI Pack"
  5. All the products will be downloaded from the ES server to the "Write To" location that you chose in step 3.
  6.  Ensure ESI is pre-installed onto your non internet connected PC.
  7. Ensure that ESI has it's setting correctly configured with paths to FSX and the Earth Simulations folder ( path to sceneries)
  8. Open a new window and navigate to the location of your transferred ESI packs (DVD drive/ USB pen drive etc..) Choose the ESI pack ( product title )  that you wish to install. Example: Guernsey.esi
    1. In ESI  settings make the location of your ESI packs a "Read From Path" and save your settings. This will ensure that all product ESI packs placed in  that location will be permanently visible within the ESI library lists  under the ESI packs button.
    2. Alternatively you can Double click  the ESI pack you want to install and it will automatically start ESI  preloaded with that product ready for installation.
    3. Yet another method is to Right click on the ESI pack and choose "Install ESI Pack"
  9. Files will now install rapidly from the localized source location.
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