Q 2.


How to make a local back-up of your purchases

It is recommended that you use ESI to create a local backup copy of your sceneries.

ESI has the ability to create "ESI-Packs" for this purpose. You can use an  ESI-Pack to re-install your sceneries so that you're not required to  download the scenery again. ES sceneries are large and can take a long  time downloading...whereas ESI-Packs are very much faster installing  because they're already on your system.

To make your first ESI-Pack please follow the guidelines below.


Step 1 (set up)


  1. Click the library tab at the top left
  2. Select the "Settings" button and the settings window will open on the right of ESI
  3. Click the ESI-Packs tab
  4. In the "Write to" box click on "New". this will open a new window for you to choose a  folder on your system where you wish your backups to be saved.Note that the location can be:
    Your local hard drives
    Network location
    DVD or usb drives

5.The "Read From" section shows all the locations that ESI will look in to see if there are any stored backups. Your "Write to" locations and the "Earth Simulations/ESI-Packs" folders are added automatically.
Click "Add New" if you want ESI to look in a new location for  the existence of ESI-packs. This may be an inserted USB pen drive for  example.
6.When you have finished setting your options click on save and wait for ESI to finish communicating with the ES servers


ESI-Packs can also be used at times when either you or indeed  EarthSimulations.com are off-line for whatever reason... or can be used  to transfer your scenery to a non internet connected PC

Step 2 (make your first ESI-Pack)

Click the "Library" Tab

  1. Select the scenery you wish to back-up as an ESI-Pack. Click "Mark for install" ( you can select as many sceneries as you like )
  2. You will now see an orange "Make ESI-Pack" button. Click it to start the download process.
  3. When downloading has completed your ESI-Pack can be found in your chosen "Write To" location.
  4. If you like, you can now install the scenery from the ESI pack very  quickly by choosing the Library/ESI-Packs button. Select the scenery for install just as before from here, and then the Green "Install" button  and your ESI-Pack is used by ESI to install the scenery lightning fast  by skipping any further downloading.

*Further notes:


If you are online and are using an ESI-Pack to install a scenery. then ESI will connect to the ES servers and check that the ESI pack is up to  date with the latest release files. If any file has been updated since  you made the ESI-Pack then just those newer or revised files will be  downloaded. This ensures that whenever you install using an ESI-Pack it  is always the latest version whilst minimizing any download  requirement.
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