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I need the Autogen Compatibility Files!


The files contained in this zip were provided by by Earth Simulations Ltd. 

So...Why might you need them? 

Many types of scenery rely on information added to special files within FSX. Unfortunately Microsoft did not make Flight Simulator flexible enough  to recognise the files if they have a different name or if they are  stored in a different location from the default files so as a result all scenery developers are FORCED into working with only one set of files.

But because the files are in special formats most developers do not know  how to merge their information into the default files. So instead the  files get overwritten and this leads to a big problem. Only the last  scenery installed will work! All the other scenery that relies on these  files gets broken and everyone gets very upset.

These files  have been created by ES to address the most common of these  compatibility issues by merging all the information from the most common scenery you might own into a combined set installed on your system.  Which means ALL the sceneries listed below can co-exist happily together without any conflict.


Files provide full compatibility between:

1: Earth Simulations Ltd Sceneries

2: Orbx Sceneries

3: VFR Germany

4: France VFR - FSX Sceneries

5: Justflight RevX Scenery

6: Flylogic Scenery

7: French Free Unified Scenery

8: Occitania Scenery (revision 7.0+)

9: Fly Tampa - FSX Scenery

10: 29Palms - MykonosX/SkiathosX

11: Sim720 - FSX scenery

12: 3D Automation - FSX Scenery

13: Simulation Data - FSX Scenery

14: AutogenFactory - FSX Scenery

15: Aerosoft Thessaloniki X


Latest version release: 29/01/2014 ( added Aerosoft Thessaloniki X - fixed issues reported with France VFR )


  • FSX / ESP / P3D

How to Install.

Step 1 - Make a backup of the following default files. VERY IMPORTANT!

They are located in this folder: \\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft  Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Autogen Unless you have installed FSX to a different location of course.







Step 2 - Replace the files you just backed up during step 1 with the files  of the same names contained in the downloaded  "Autogen-Compatability-Files.zip"

Step 3 - Start FSX and check that all your sceneries are working nicely together.

Questions & answers


OK Great. But what if it all goes wrong.

It's pretty unlikely that you'll have any trouble, but just in case you do.  First restore your backed up files to the FSX/Autogen folder. This will  return everything to the way it was so your sim should be ok again.

Next ...Let us know. Contact us at Earth Simulations support and include a  copy of your original Autogen files so we can check to see if there's a  problem. Perhaps you have scenery installed that is not included in the  list of developers above?


I have scenery from a developer you've not included.

If this is the case, again contact us so that we can make sure that they are included.

What about using the files in Prepar3D?

Assuming that the sceneries you are using are themselves compatible with  Prepar3D the compatibility set should work equally well. Please let us  know if this is not the case.


We sincerely hope that you will enjoy using your sceneries without all the problems of compatibility.

While you're here. Please take the time to have a look at Earth Simulations  sceneries, We are proud of our creations and are confident in saying  that there are amongst the very best you can own :)

With kindest regards

Darren & Vikki

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