Q 6.


How do I install Treescapes into Justflight VFR Real Photoscenery?

Treescapes uk is designed primarily to work with  Gen X which we sell, but that's not to say that it can't be made to work with Justflights VFR Real scenery. There is indeed a work around but  this will require some manual work on your part. First purchase  Treescapes for the areas of the country you are interested in, download  using ESI (Earth Simulations installer which is freely available here:

As part of the download process ESI will  "Attempt" to install the scenery but because it is programmed to install into Generation X this will  fail, Please allow it to fail. The most important part of downloading  the files to your system will still happen. When everything is completed you will then be able to carry on with the steps below.

Please undertake the following actions one step at a time!

1. Locate the Earthsimulations/TreescapesUK folder. Inside you should see Treescapes_UK_vol1.exe file.
Please run this file to extract the autogen files needed. After the files have been extracted the a dos window will be opened, just close this window.
In the Earthsimulations/TreescapesUK folder you will now see there is a new folder simply called Volume 1.
Within the newly created Volume 1 folder there are 3 further folders called areas 1,2 and 3.

2. Enter the area 1 folder where you will find yet another folder called  2.4m folder.Finally inside the 2.4m folder there is a last folder called Texture that contains all the *.AGN files (autogen) that we need.

3. Copy the texture folder to your Justflight photoscenery folders, the  exact location of your Justflight photoscenery will vary depending on  your setup. However the aim is to now paste the copied texture folder so that it resides  adjacent  to the "Scenery" folder that currently  contains your photoscenery.bgl's. You need to copy it in this manner to  each volume of Justflight scenery that you own.

4. Repeat action 2 and 3 for the area 2 and area 3 folders. Repeat actions 1 through to 4 for the remaining  Volumes 2 and 3 folders.


These actions will ensure that you have all the autogen files located correctly and your scenery should now show trees. Yay!

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