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What's the correct ordering in Scenery library settings?

This is a copy of an answer we gave to a customer regarding the ordering of scenery library entries in FSX & P3D

What's the correct ordering in Scenery library settings?

There isn't a strict order for every folder as such, but there are some general rules to follow with our scenery and also with regard to other vendors scenery too.

If relevant place your Orbx type landclass scenery areas lowest, ( by which I mean just above all the pr-existing default FSX entries ) FTXGlobal should be the lowest of any orbx landclass scenery you have, and if you have any Orbx regional scenery like FTX EU etc ...place those immediately above FTX Global so they take priority.

Then arrange your Genx Photo scenery areas. The trick to keeping it tidy is to place each volume at a time in order. With each volume "area" in order.  the Terrain folders should be lowest in that volume section of the list.

so, as an example for one volume and one area it would look like this.

  • VFRGenX Volume 3 Area 2 0.6m Day scenery
  • VFRGenX Volume 3 Area 2 1.2m Day scenery
  • VFRGenX Volume 3 Area 2 2.4m Day scenery
  • VFRGenX Volume 3 Area 2 4.8m Terrain Mesh
  • VFRGenX Volume 3 Area 2 Vectors

Notice how it's all pretty logical.... we're sorting them as if they are layers ( which they indeed are ) ..We start with vectors that will deal with removing the default stuff and anything that is appearing lower in the scenery list... Then it's the mesh which gives us the topography. Then we add the Photo scenery which gets draped over the terrain mesh in sim. We start with the lowest resolution at 2,4m, which in turn gets covered by the next highest resolution at 1.2m. Then that is given a top layer of the highest resolution ).6m

Roger so far ?

When you have all the Photo areas added we can move on to your other add-ons like UK2000 or Earth Simulations.

UK2000 Scotflight just arrange in order of Volume. ( only for the sake of tidyness, I don't think it actually matters much. )

Earth Simulations as the highest detailed areas are placed above everything mentioned previously, but following exactly the same principles with the ordering of folders.

Deal with each ES product separately ( just like it was a GenX volume in the example above) Lowest is the Terrain folders, then the photo scenery, then the 3D.

So ....
3D highest

  • \Earth Simulations\Channel Isles\ES-CI-SFX
  • \Earth Simulations\Channel Isles\ES-CI-3DX
  • \Earth Simulations\Channel Isles\ES-CI-Airports\ES-EGJA-Alderney
  • \Earth Simulations\ES-SFX*
  • \Earth Simulations\ES-3D*

 Photo scenery

  • \Earth Simulations\Channel Isles\ES-CI-Night
  • \Earth Simulations\Channel Isles\ES-CI-Winter
  • \Earth Simulations\Channel Isles\ES-CI-Spring
  • \Earth Simulations\Channel Isles\ES-CI-Summer
  • \Earth Simulations\Channel Isles\ES-CI-Autumn
  • \Earth Simulations\Channel Isles\ES-CI-HardWinter

 Terrain & Vectors Lowest

  • \Earth Simulations\Channel Isles\ES-CI-Terrain


All ES scenery folder naming follows the same naming convention so you just repeat this method for each ES scenery area in turn.

*Remember you only need one instance of ES-3D and ES-SFX as these folders are shared between all ES products.

Do use the Autogen compatibility files if you have Orbx scenery installed!

We hope this information will be useful.

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