Q 10


I see no TREES!!

If you have installed Treescapes UK but you can not see any trees in the simulator please check the following items:


  1. CHECK Your Autogen Complexity and Scenery complexity sliders in FSX display  settings are both set at least to "Normal" or higher. If either is set  below this mark the 3D trees will be inhibited and therefore will not  display.
  2. Check that you have autogen files located in your  active photo scenery "Texture" folders. To find your photo scenery  "Texture" folders or to indeed see that they exist look for them in one of the following locations.
  3. Examples of common locations are:
    1. D:\Playsims\VFRGenX\Volume8\05mPhoto\Texture
    2. C:\Program Files (x86)\Horizon Simulation\VFR-Gen-X-2.0\Volume1\Area1\2.4m Photo\Texture
  4. Look to see first if there is a "Texture" folder and if it contains inside it many thousands of Autogen files (*.agn)
  5. If there are none move to step 7. if you find the folder is bursting with *.agn files please double check that you are flying in the vicinity of  your purchased product where you are quite sure you should be  experiencing 3D objects. It's no good flying in volume 1 looking for  trees when its volume 2 treescapes you installed.
  6. Sometimes for whatever reason the ESI installer was unable to locate and transfer the *.agn files to their final resting place within the photographic  scenery folder.
  7. This may be because ESI holds  incorrect information as to the location of your photo scenery. You can  correct this problem in future by running the ESI-GENX-CFG.exe program  found as a download via ESI. This little program helps you to correctly  set up ESI with all the relevant path information as to the location of  your photo scenery folder. Once this is set up correctly the information is held by ESI in your windows registry.

    Manual Installation to Generation X

    Locate where your Generation X photographic scenery folders are on your system.

    Example: C:\Program Files\Horizon Simulation\VFR-Gen-X-2.0

    Locate your :\Earth Simulations\Treescapes UK folder

    Notice that the folder layout of your Generation X photographic scenery is exactly the same as the folder layout we created in your Earth Simulations\Treescapes UK\Volume?

    Copy all the *.AGN content in each Texture folder you find in the Earth Simulations\Treescapes UK\Volumes  (there are up to three texture folders per volume) from the Earth Simulations folders to the correspondingly named folders in your active Generation X folders.

    This action is all that is required to manually install the autogen files and on completion you should be able to see trees the next time you fly.


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