Q 19.


Can I use my ES product in Prepar3D?


If you made your purchase prior to August 2014 the EULA ( end user licence agreement) which you agreed to prior to  installation specifically restricts the use of our software to Microsoft Flight Simulator only. Purchases made after then are already covered.

The Extract:

3.5 use this product or any part thereof in any software other than  Microsoft Flight Simulator, specifically you may not use this product or any part thereof in Microsoft ESP, or any other commercial flight  simulation software. If you wish to purchase a license for this purpose  please contact Earth Simulations Ltd sales department.


At the time of writing the purpose of the Eula was purely to differentiate between "entertainment use" and "professional use".  That there is a difference between using our products at home as part of your hobby, and profiting daily using it as part of a business or  within a funded institution etc.

Earth Simulations Ltd have a  close affinity with the hobbyist flight simmer and we do not wish to  hinder the continued enjoyment of our products as you  try out a new  platform. So we want you to know that as long as you fall into  the category of "Entertainment" use, and you are not a business or an  institution, then you will be permitted to switch your licensing  agreement with us to Prepar3D.

To do this properly first contact  us to let us know. We will return to you a revised EULA that covers use of the products you own in Prepar3d. This keeps our agreement with you all above board and legal and you need not fear that you are in breach  of the EULA we agreed.

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