Q 20.


My Alderney CD version 1 Serial code doesn't work?


Suggestion 1

You should take advantage of the free upgrade to Alderney version 2 by downloading ESI directly from our ES website.

Suggestion 2

Check to see if there is an = (equals sign) at the end of your supplied serial code. If there is then remove the = (equals sign) and just use the preceding code without it included.

Example: 1234567=

Becomes: 1234567

Suggestion 3

Are you using mcfee anti virus?

If you are using mcfee anti virus software it may stop the serial checking code in the Earth simulations Alderney installer from completing successfully. Mcfee may also report a false positive identification of a trojan in the installer, and again stop the installer from completing successfully.

There are no trojans contained in ES-Alderney.exe installer.

Solution: Temporarily disable mcfee to allow the Earth simulations installer to complete successfully.

Suggestion 4

If you were issued with a serial printed onto the cover slip of a boxed product you may find that the font used can lead to confusion.

If the serial code contains what appears to be a number 1 (one) then try substituting it for a lowercase l (phonetic "ELL”)

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