What is ESI?


When you purchase a download product from us you are provided with a link to download ESI

ESI is NOT your product.


OK, so what is ESI?

ESI is your product management software.

With ESI installed you can then install and maintain all of your purchased  products from ES in an organised and understandable way.

After the one time Setup ESI will provide the following main features:


  • Automatic serial code handling and product activation.
  • Download and install in one process
  • Install as many products as you want in one go
  • Repair / uninstall options
  • Automatic product update notification
  • Free products available without registration
  • ESI-pack option allows offline backups and transfer to non connected PC
  • New products & freeware items are highlighted whenever you run ESI
  • Linked in seamlessly with the ES website. Browse products and information within ESI
  • ESI is the only installer able to handle FSX autogen file formats correctly.
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