ESI 2.5


Using ESI to Install your scenery

These are basic instructions in how to use ESI
Getting Started

Check your ESI version number at the bottom left of the screen shows the following:

Version 2.5

First make sure that you are using the latest ESI version 2.5 released on  21/12/2014. You can find the version number at the bottom left of the  ESI interface screen.

You can download the latest version HERE.

Step 1 (setup)


All of Step 1 is covered when you first install ESI as part of the ESI installation process.
After ESI is installed you will be presented with a choice of which simulator you are intending to install the scenery into.

On first run check the following information in ESI settings is all correct.

After the one time setup you will not need to do step 1 again.
  1. Click the "Library" Tab at the top left
  2. Click Settings
  3. Check or Add your personal information
  • E-mail Address = the same address you used at the ES Shop when you made your purchase.
  • Password = The same password you use to log-in to your ES account.
  • Path to FSX = Check that this is the correct path to FSX
  • Path to sceneries = This is the location on disk you would like ESI to install ES Scenery folders

Click Save and wait for ESI to complete communication with the ES servers
Your serial codes are retrieved automatically and your purchased scenery is unlocked ready for installation.
ESI will save this information & will update with your new purchases automatically in future.

Step 2 (Select the scenery & Install)

  1. Click the Library Tab
  2. Choose Download button and look through the lists for your scenery. when you  find the scenery (or sceneries) press the "Mark for Install" button
  3. Note your scenery ( or multiple selections of sceneries) are listed now at the top right of ESI
  4. When you are ready and have configured the options for your choices, You may click the green "Install" button to start the download and install  process. Files will be downloaded and installed at the same time from  the ESI servers. However, We recommend that you make a local backup of your scenery by following the instructions on making an ESI-Pack
  5. When all sceneries are installed close ESI and fly from your chosen airport in FSX.

Step 3 (Installing further sceneries using ESI)


  1. Locate and run "ESI-Launcher.exe" from the start menu / All Programs / Earth Simulations / ESInstaller folder.
  2. Select your simulator of choice and proceed as explained in step 2 above.

Please note:
Due to licensing restrictions imposed by our data suppliers you can only  install your scenery into one flight simulator platform at a time. If  you want to swap simulators you will first need to uninstall the scenery by using the appropriate version of ESI, and then re-install to the new platform by launching the appropriate ESI version for your new choice  of simulator. If you really need to have the scenery working in more  than one platform


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