Airfield Index

From these links you can select an  airfield to download, a scenery package to go with one of my own or your own airfield together with utilities to help you modify your scenery, track your flight or just find which tile you are over. Need tutorials for FSDS3.5, look no further than Farfe’s link.

Link 1. Gives you a list of ‘NATS’ controlled airfields, List 2. gives RAF airfields and other sites. Link 3. Gives access to the Scenery Library Authors whose work I have used in some of my airfields.

These airfields are all ‘blended’ to fit into 5m terrain photo scenery. You may need to download scenery models from these sites, or in order to display them as shown in the respective, included, readme files.

If you are looking for complete airfields please look in the “Full Scenery” section under Tony Meredith, Ted Andrews etc.

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