Static Object Scenery

Please select the author whose files you wish to download for use with the Airfields Index. All these Authors have made their files available via and/or Please remember that all authors retain copyright of their material. Modification in any way is not permitted without the Authors permission.

File Usage: In order to use these files in more than one airfield from my collection or to use them in your own work may I suggest you do the following.

On the drive where you wish the scenery to reside, (it does not have to be the same as FSX), create a folder called “Static Objects Library”. Then create two sub folder, “Scenery” and “Texture” It is important you do not add an ‘s’ to the end of Texture. If you do FSX will ignore it and the scenery will not show.

You now need to create an entry for the Static Objects Library in your FSX Scenery Library.

Now download the files you need and expand them to your new folder using the sub folders as required.

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