Welcome to my collection of files and patches for use with Flight Simulator X and or Prepar3d.

Here you will find all the patches released for the Horizon / Playhorizon series of Photo Scenery, support and install FAQ's together with patches released prior to 10/01/2015 for the Earth Simulations Photo Scenery series.

Also on this site you will find Complete custom models of UK and USA  airfields designed to work with Horizon / Playhorizon and BlueSky USA, photo scenery.

There are many other UK airfields available which require freely available extra 3D scenery from renown model makers to show correctly.


The site also contains other custom made scenery for use with Flight Simulator Photo Scenery.


Please note all models will display in Landclass scenery but may well not match the background. As I don't use Landclass scenery for the areas I am interested in I am unable to assist with customisation for it.

The content of this web site is ©copyright AR Meredith or reproduced with permission from the copyright holder.
Due to the EULA issued with FSX se and

Piracy Warning: It has been brought to my attention that are hosting copies of my work. This is not authorised and they have been asked to desist from doing so. You may be charged to use their site when my work is free from this site. I can not vouch for files downloaded from being virus free or a true representation of my work available here.

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